Hey amigos, 

If you haven’t already seen the latest JacksGap video, check it out here!

The twins have decided to take part in The Rickshaw Run, which is a rickshaw race from the East to the West of India to help raise awareness for Teenage Cancer Trust. They headed out with a bunch of their filmmaker friends: Ben BrownHarry Crowder, Max CantellowLouis Cole & Will Darbyshire and will be taking part in the epic adventure throughout September this year. 

For just a small donation to Teenage Cancer Trust - you’ll be entered into the contest where you and a friend could be flown from wherever in the world you are, to London, and put up for 2 nights in a central hotel. You then have the chance to meet up with Jack and Finn and join them for a dinner at one of their favourite Indian restaurants before you all go for a rickshaw ride!

Teenage Cancer Trust is a cause dedicated to fighting an issue that directly affects many people our age, the twin’s goal for their campaign is to raise $100,000 for the organisation. 

If you would like to help out a worthy cause and go into the draw to meet Jack and Finn, please check out the campaign page here:  http://www.prizeo.com/JacksGap

- I wish the boys and their team the best of luck on their journey and I hope they enjoy their time in India :) 

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